Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dave Grusin - On Golden Pond - Transcription for solo piano

Dave Grusin has long been a major influence on me, so I've made a transcription of one of his most popular tunes, the main theme from the movie "On Golden Pond" for solo piano. This specific transcription is based on the version in "Now Playing: Movie Themes" album.

Dave Grusin - On Golden Pond (solo piano transcription)
[Update 05/17/2012] I've updated the transcription slightly, you can download again if you have the previous version.
[Update 11/10/2016] I've updated the link. Now the files is in DropBox and there shouldn't be download problems anymore.

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Here's the original music as played by the great Dave Grusin [update: YouTube video not available anymore]

And here's how I play the transcription (forgive me for some slight imprecisions):